What a beautiful couple!  Paolina and Joe have such vibrant , positively happy personalities, I could not help but to feel honored to have been chosen to photograph their much anticipated and very special wedding.  To them the Harley is the third person in their relationship and I loved how they incorporated their bike into their wedding.  I truly had a very hard time choosing which images to post because the entire wedding is bursting with happiness and love!   I wish I could have posted them all!  Below are just a few of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy!

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  • Paolina & Joe

    WE are the lucky ones…so honored to have had YOU as our photographer! Not only are you uniquely talented (top among your peers), but your personality is so genuine and real that you shine and reflect that brilliance in all you encounter. THAT is why we looked so good! So thank you, Jennifer. This won’t be the last time our paths cross, of that I am sure. xxoo

  • Pamela

    I love these photos. Joe and Paolina look so happy! My brother found a wonderful woman!

  • Cathy Lynch

    All of the photos are beautiful.

  • Anna Maria Amico

    That Day thanks to my lovely cousins Paolina and Joe I spent very special and unforgettable moments.Everyone was joyful and smiling, even the Nature seemed to smile to their passage, love was in the air and the photos reflect that magic atmosphere thanks to the talented photographer who was able to catch and immortalize the most salient moments. I hope Happiness will accompany them for ever!!!

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