This was a very fun pregnancy session shot right smack in the middle of the afternoon!  I love the light and the way we were able to use it even at high noon!  This session was even more fun because it was for my little sister who is having my first nephew in just a few short weeks!  We cannot wait!  Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorite photos from the day!  (stay tuned for my other sister’s session coming up next!)

JCBellaRosaJBP_0001 JCBellaRosaJBP_0002 JCBellaRosaJBP_0003 JCBellaRosaJBP_0004 JCBellaRosaJBP_0005 JCBellaRosaJBP_0006 JCBellaRosaJBP_0007 JCBellaRosaJBP_0008 JCBellaRosaJBP_0009 JCBellaRosaJBP_0010


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