I had SO MUCH fun seeing you all and taking your photos. You all look so great and some of you were so creative!! It was so awesome to go to each house for me and the kids (watching from the car) and see each family.  It warms my heart that I could bring just a little bit of joy to you all during this very hard time.  Thank you all for your love, support and well wishes (from a healthy distance of course)!  I will be emailing your photos to you later this afternoon in an online link.  I hope you enjoy seeing each other here 🙂  April 4th sessions, you will post tomorrow!


Porch Sessions have become a bit controversial during this Covid time in history, many are concerned about their safety.  I would like to explain a little bit about them and help shed light on why and how they are done.  These pretty awesome sessions began in the Midwest by a photographer wanting to capture families from a safe distance to document this time in history during the stay at home order due to Covid-19.  She found that by doing these shoots, it raised morale, brought joy, laughter and moments for families to treasure. It gave people something fun to look forward to and participate in, while documenting history from a safe distance.  I found this to be incredibly true for both families having their photos taken and for myself, being able to create and spread happiness.  This photographer encouraged photographers around the world to participate in the porch photo movement to help spread love and positivity during such a difficult time. I am incredibly glad I did (I almost didn’t)It was a memorable experience for me.


  1. ARE THEY SAFE? They are completely safe.  As the photographer, we are shooting with 70-200 lenses.  I was always about 100-200 feet away from my clients, using my 70-200 zoom lens to capture them on their porches.
  2. DO YOU POSE FAMILIES?  No, I never came into contact with families and families never came into contact with me. Posing is up to each family
  3. HOW MUCH DO THESE COST?  I do not charge a fee for these Porch Sessions.  I request clients make a donation or pay an act of kindness forward however they see fit.
  4. DO WE GET TO KEEP THE PHOTOS? Yes, I take 1-3 photos and they are yours to keep
  5. HOW DO WE KNOW TO BE READY? When I am on my way to you, I will send a text message. Clients wait on their porch.  I drive up, pop out, take a photo, pop back in my car and move on.
  6. HOW LONG ARE SESSION? Sessions are no more then 5 minutes sometimes less.
  7. HOW SHOULD WE POSE? Themes and posing are completely up to you.  You can be fun, silly, serious, however you want.  Because I cannot get close, I do not provide props or posing at this time, but you can add props from your home.  Be creative, have fun!