Lifestyle and Portrait Session

This was such a fun session for me!  Mom and baby girl were all smiles!  Lifestyle sessions are priceless, especially if you are always the one taking the photos.  This sweet mom hired me to capture a few hours of her and her daughter having their regular day together.  I call this a “Day in the Life” session.  I have done several of these and I always find so much joy in capturing the everyday moments and then going back to the office and processing them.  Delivering them is my favorite part because there is so much happiness in seeing how a regular day look captured in moments.   I always try incorporate a tiny portrait session too (which you will see at the end of this very long post).  This way, your lifestyle session (which is very documentary and mostly black and white) is complimented with nice portraiture.  Combining lifestyle and portrait makes your walls come to life with your life in moments and artistic detail!  Here are A LOT of my favorites from this session.