While on quarantine, or rather the stay at home order, I have been pushing myself to try new things.  This past week I shot tiny water droplets.  I have always seen these water drop images and have loved them, but never really took the time to learn how to capture them.  For me, someone who loves to look closely, chase and capture my subjects and the emotions they emit, setting up a water dropping area and trying not to move was indeed a challenge.  Initially, I was incredibly frustrated, with this type of photography, you have to manually focus in one area and then drop the droplets in that exact area.  They fall much to quickly to auto focus on them.  This caused me immense frustration, mainly because I could not control what I was shooting and did not know if I even got one shot, let alone multiple.  After two hours I uploaded my images and had a lot of fun going through all the shapes the droplets made.  I intend to do again, maybe with paint, milk or some other liquids in other circumstances, but for now, here are some of my abstract art/water droplet photos.