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Congratulations!  You have a new baby arriving soon!  A new baby is always an exciting and joyful time you will want to have captured as keepsakes for you and for them. 


The best time frame to book your newborn session is while you are still pregnant.  This will ensure you have a date booked with me when your little one arrives.  While we can never really predict the arrival of your little one (unless it is scheduled), we can schedule you the week following your due date, knowing flexibility is key and your little one may arrive early or a little later then expected.  I tend to pencil in the week before, the week of and the week following your due date so I know to be ready.  Because I have captured so many newborns, I am readily in contact with you to see where we are at, however I do depend on you to let me know when your sweet baby arrives.  When you do have your your little one, I ask that you please contact me so we are both informed and prepared.

During the first 10 days of life is the best time to book your newborn session, however I have captured newborns at 14 days plus and still gotten amazing shots.  The newer the baby, the sleepier they are and easier to pose because they maintain the sweet newborn curl they had while in the womb.  Whenever you decide you want to have your new baby photographed, the photos will be beautiful memories for you.


My goals for your newborn session are for you to be relaxed, comfortable, happy, and as stress free as possible.  I want you to enjoy your session with me, to have beautiful photographs capturing you and your new baby beautifully and artistically.

Depending on the type of newborn session you book, sessions run anywhere from 1-3 hours.  Newborn sessions need to be flexible to allow for feedings, swaddling, diaper changes, and the little things that need to be done to provide your newborn is calm and relaxed.

I offer several types of newborn sessions- at home lifestyle, at home studio, at home studio and lifestyle and my in home studio.  Outdoor newborn sessions are amazing, but these are seasonal for babies born in July, August, September, and October.  Pricing for my different session options are available.  Please email me and I will send you a PDF going over pricing in detail.  PDF pricing goes out, at the very latest, 24 hours after you have emailed me with the exceptions being I am out of town or ill.

I love to use natural light, however I do have additional lighting I can set up as well.  If you are having an at home session,  I will want you to look in your home and determine the best naturally area for me to use to take your photos.  I like to schedule my sessions for the morning if possible.  I will need you to clear this space for me to set up if you choose any of the studio session options.


Please have the room we are going to take photographs in cleared out so I can set up the studio.  If we are having a lifestyle session,  I love to use the master bedroom and the nursery for family photos.  If you want photographs taken in the nursery or your master bedroom, please make sure these rooms are picked up and the beds are made.  This will save us time the day of your session.  I know a new baby brings some challenges and changes, so please do not feel you need to have everything perfect.  Picked up works perfectly!

If you have mementos or special items to your new baby, children, or family.  Please lay them out so we can include them in your photo session.  Personal items help customize your session and make it so much more personal.


If you want photos of your baby in the buff, then please have your baby in a loose diaper and wrapped in a blanket when I arrive.  This way we do not wake your baby when we begin posing  and the diaper is easily slipped off.  Not everyone is comfortable with baby in the buff photographs and if you opt not to do these, then please have your baby in a diaper wrapped in a blanket.  When I arrive or when you arrive to me, I will have diaper covers, hats, swaddling cloths, headbands and array of items for you to choose from for you to cloth your baby in.  If you prefer simplistic lifestyle images, then a simple white or light colored onesiee works perfectly.

As for the family, softer colors are best.  Think creams, pale pinks, blues, greens, and purples, greys and camel colors are nice too.  Soft color palettes really keep the focus on the newness of your baby.


On the day of your session, please follow these simple steps to ensure your newborn session goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.

* Please make sure your home, or at least the room we are using is warmer then usual.  Temperature should be at least 80-85 degrees.  This is very important to make sure your baby is calm and comfortable.  While this temperature may feel too warm for your comfort level, it is exactly what your new baby needs to maintain his or her body temperature and allows him or her to remain warm and relaxed.  If you have a white noise machine, please have that available. I can also bring one as well.  Music is also a welcome.  If you come to me, the studio will be set up upon your arrival with the warm temperatures and props laid out for you to choose from.

*Every session is different, however if you choose an at home studio session of any type, I will arrive, go over clothing and props with you and then set up the studio and/or prop set ups we have agreed on.  If your baby is sleepy and relaxed, I may begin with the single posed shots first.  If you are having family photos done as well and if you have other children on the younger side, say 6 and under, I like to start with the older child so he or she does not feel jealous of the new baby and can warm up to me.  I can take individuals of this child while you are feeding the new baby.  Please know, sometimes children 3 and under can be afraid of their new baby brother or sister.  This is very common and they may not want to touch, hold or get to close to the new baby.  This is okay and they should not be forced.  I have creative ways to get older siblings that may be a little nervous in a sweet photo with their new baby brother or sister.  Following sibling photography,  I like to finish with the family photos.  Each session is different though, depending on your new baby.  If you have a personal item for the session, please have this or these items set out so I know to incorporate them.

*New mommies, I know you may not feel up to having your photo taken, but you really should.  It is such a beautiful time in your life and even just a few images to capture you and your child will be something you cherish.

*If you are able, please keep your baby up for 45 – an hour prior to your session time with me.  When I arrive to set up if you are able to feed them, please do.  This will help them to be more sleepy for the session.  If nursing, please nurse one side 20 minutes before I arrive and then the other side once I have arrived.  This will ensure they are full and tired making the session so much easier and relaxing for all of you.

*Some babies take longer then others to get sleepy.  Please know this is okay.  Newborn sessions are longer to allow for this.  Awake newborn photos can be just as beautiful as sleeping baby photos, so please do not stress and sit back and enjoy your baby’s newborn session.

*Lastly, enjoy yourself.  Relax and trust me.  You will be receiving beautiful images you can cherish forever.


2-4 weeks after your session, you photos will be loaded into an online viewing gallery.  This will be a mobile and computer ready gallery.  Here you will review and choose your photos.  Some of the session options come with high resolution images, some with prints.  Here you will be able to select what is included in your session as well as anything additional you would like to order.

If you have any additional questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or email.



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