What to Wear

Frequently, I am asked “what do we wear?”  Below are a few tips on what to wear and how to coordinate.

Matching Colors is not Cool- Coordinating Colors, Textures, and Patterns is in!

Please no white shirts with jeans or kahkis.  This look is completely out.  For outdoor sessions, white is a reflective color and if you are all wearing white, it will easily blow out and take over your photographs becoming the star, rather then allowing you and your family being the center of focus.  The awesome mix of patterns and colors or varying color palettes is in.  Choose textures and patterns balanced with solids.  Layers like vests, light sweaters, scarfs and jewelry really make photos pop. Do not be afraid to accent your clothes with accessories.  Do not go overboard, but a necklace or scarf can really add depth to your family photograph.  Please do not wear characters or loud logos as these are incredibly distracting, unless you are doing a character themed session of course.  All black is never good either.  This can make you all look like a wall of dark and is simply not flattering.  White and black can be mixed in with colors and patterns making your entire family look like superstars!  At the end of it all, think of timeless looking clothing.  Imagine photographs you do not need to take down because they are dated, but rather photos you leave up because they are timeless beautiful and personal reminders of your family.

For Newborn Sessions-  For newborn sessions, softer palettes work the best.  Creams, beige, soft pinks, purples, greens and blues all photograph very nicely for family photos.  Please also have on hand a long sleeve black and a long sleeve white fitted shirt  for help with posing your new baby.  Your shirt can be used as a backdrop!

Location and Color Palettes Matter!

When choosing your clothing, please keep in mind your location.  If we are shooting at the beach, softer color palettes such as pale greys, creams, pinks, blues, mints, and lavenders, look beautiful, or go for nautical with navy, yellow whites and reds!  If we are in a location with shrubs and greenery, think rich earth tones in varying shades oranges, reds, teals, yellows, navy’s, plums, browns and creams will photograph beautifully.  Click Here/What to Wear for the link to my pinterest what to wear colors and suggestions.  You will find so many different color combinations intended to inspire you!

Customizing your Session Matters!

Pick a color scheme that will accent your home walls so you will be able to print, frame and hang photographs in your home.  Choose colors to reflect you and your family and your style and taste.  I offer canvas and flat prints that will really help to personalize your home in a beautiful way.  If you have special memento’s of loved ones, or a special lovey or something you would like included in your session, please bring it.  This is what makes your sessions yours.  I love to customize sessions to each of my clients.  My goal is for you to have fun and really personalize your photographs.  I realize family photos are an investment, so the more custom tailored your photographs are, the more you will appreciate your investment.

Be Comfortable!

Lastly, do not forgo comfort for fashion.  If your kids do not like their clothing, they will not photograph well.  Make them a part of choosing your session clothes. If everyone is comfortable and fashionable, your photos will be timeless memories that you will cherish for years to come!