Finally coming back!

For all of you who have been following my blog, you must have noticed since the birth of my beautiful son, I have gone pretty silent…sorry bout that!  I am just about to get back up and running and I have TONS to post!  Going from two children to three is quite an experience, but I am learning and loving it as I go. I am also loving and learning the differences between boys and girls too.

Of course I am shooting TONS so finding time to blog is pretty tough at times, but I am working hard to get back on track.  I am very close to releasing a new mobile viewable website too!  It looks fabulous, but is not quite done yet..almost, just not yet.

Thank you for all of you who have continued to follow the Bella Rosa Facebook page, which has little updates here and there.  I appreciate the support and the patience!  Stay tuned and keep watching-I will be posting and possibly running a few contests in the next few months!!  In the meantime, thank you to my client, friend and now fabulous photographer, Lauren West, here are two of my favorite shots of our beautiful expanded family!  Thanks Lauren!  Will be talking to you all very soon!

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